Play Book of Ra

Those people who make the decision to play Book of Ra will find a game with a fantastic theme and story line complimented with a fantastic set of visual and sound effects. The game play that people who play Book of Ra will find is highly exciting and very enjoyable as there is a moderate sized format and several excellent bonuses. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line set up which is perfect for players looking for a moderate sized game. The game offers a medium amount of flexibility over the win line selection which is perfect for most players as it does not offer too few or too many options. The first decision a player must make when they play Book of Ra is how many of the ten win lines to have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that are active means the more chance a player has off winning when they spin the reels and this action also increases the cost of the spin. The lower the players win line selection when they play Book of Ra means the lower the cost of the spin and the lower their winning chances.

The main objective that players have when they play Book of Ra is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols next to each other across one of the active win lines. The different symbols in the slot all result in varying amounts being paid to the player and these amounts can be seen in the pay table. The pay table is a very valuable tool for people that play Book of Ra slot as it clearly and concisely delivers the relevant information. The pay table not only stocks information about the different winning line combinations but also shows the different bonuses that can be activated. The best symbol for players to align when they play Book of Ra is the explorer symbol as five of these symbols unlock the huge payment of 50,000 times stake. The bonuses that players who play Book of Ra need to look out for include the scatter, substitute and the gamble. The scatter and the substitute bonuses are both represented by the book symbol making the symbol the most important in the game. If players want a similar playing experience with the same sort of bonuses then they should try and play Ramses II slot which offers excellent playability.

Players can activate the scatter bonus when they play Book of Ra by rolling in three of the book symbols onto the screen at one time. The bonus in the play Book of Ra slot when triggered awards players with ten win spins before the win spins are started the player is shown a special symbol. If the special symbol arrives on the reels during the win spins then the player’s winnings are multiplied. The substitute bonus is where the book symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to form a winning line combination. People who play Book of Ra slot should try and utilize these two bonuses as often as possible as they are responsible for raising a players prize fund. The next important feature players need to be aware of when they play Book of Ra is the gamble bonus which gives players the chance to double or lose their prize fund. The gamble feature is available at the end of a winning or losing spin where players can accept or decline the bonus. If accepted the bonus loads into a new screen showing players a deck of cards where they have to predict if the next card shown will be red or black.

The combinations of the three bonuses that can be accessed when people play Book of Ra allow excellent prizes to be reached if played wisely. If players want to see a similar selection of excellent bonuses then they should try and play Bugs and Bees as it offers a scatter, substitute and gamble feature. The three bonuses are very common across the range of Novomatic slots and vary only slightly in detail with the number of win spins that are offered. The storyline that is presented to people who play Book of Ra is highly exciting and very enjoyable as it features an exciting quest to ancient Egypt to uncover a lost book. The players that play Book of Ra slot are placed into the shoes of an explorer who hears about a legend of a book with special powers. The explorer to uncover the book must take part in a quest deep in ancient Egyptian mythology in an effort to try and locate the book which has mystical powers. Those who play Book of Ra will be taken on a quest past many dangers and obstacles which is a highly exciting and perilous journey.

The exciting storyline in the play Book of Ra slot is brought to life with an exciting combination of both visual and sound effects. The visual effects of the slot consist of a background that shows the inside of a tomb which glows yellow with hieroglyphics written all over the walls. The symbols that people who play Book of Ra will see are a combination of the themed and the traditional, the traditional symbols are the 10, J, Q, K and A. The themed symbols that people who play Book of Ra will encounter include a statue, emperor, book and explorer which are all detailed in bright colourful cartoon animation. The themed symbols when involved in forming a winning line perform a fantastic 3d movement that looks brilliant on the screen. The title text that people who play Book of Ra will see is drawn in bright blue font and features themed objects in the background. The sound effects that players who play Book of Ra will be treated to are all Egyptian themed which adds lots of quality of the slots atmosphere. The different winning line combinations and bonus rounds all have their own sound effects which are played when they are activated.