Play Lucky Lady’s Charm

The variety in themes in the Novomatic range is excellent with numerous different types of themed games being made available to cover lots of different player interests. The variety of the themes include animated, action and adventure, history, fantasy and traditional which are designed to appeal to as many different types of players as possible. If people are looking for a fantasy themed game then they should play Lucky Lady’s Charm as it has a wonderful fantasy storyline to immerse players into. The types of people who would play Lucky Lady’s Charm include fans of fantasy adventure films like Lord of the Rings and Willow. The fantasy theme with its amazing storyline has great visual and sound effects and sensational game play. The game play that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm will enjoy is fantastic as it has three great bonuses and a very large slot format. The slot format that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm will find is a five reel and twenty win line set up which is one of the largest formats in the Novomatic slots range. The large format gives players lots of flexibility over their win line selection which is perfect for players wanting this level of choice.

If players would prefer a game with less options then they should play Book of Ra as it only has ten win lines available for players to choose from. The more win lines that the player chooses when they spin the reels means the higher their winning chances and the higher the cost of the spin. The lower the player’s selection of win lines when they play Lucky Lady’s Charm means the lower the amount won and the cheaper the cost of the spin. The main objective for a player when they play Lucky Lady’s Charm is to line up five of the same symbols across one of the win lines. The different symbols in the slot all result in differing payment amounts being awarded to the player and these amounts can be reviewed in the slots pay table. The pay table is a very useful tool when a user decides to play Lucky Lady’s Charm as it reveals the best symbols to align and therefore the player can focus on these symbols. The players other objective when they play Lucky Lady’s Charm is to activate one of the three bonus rounds that can all be very lucrative.

The first bonus round that a player can activate when the play Lucky Lady’s Charm is the scatter feature which is represented by the magic ball symbol. The player needs to spin three of the magic ball symbols onto the screen at one time to activate the feature. The scatter feature when activated rewards the player with fifteen win spins which are paid on a multiplier of three making it a very advantageous feature. The substitute feature that can be activated when people play Lucky Lady’s Charm is triggered by the lady symbol. The lady symbol has the power to switch with any other symbol in the game to form a winning line combination making it a very powerful symbol. The final bonus available to players when they play Lucky Lady’s Charm is the optional gamble feature available at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The gamble feature gives players the chance to double or lose their prize fund on a chance fifty / fifty bet making it a potentially very lucrative feature. The combination of the three bonuses available to people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm create a very intense and potentially very lucrative game playing experience.

The aggressive structure of bonuses presents players with an exciting game and great winning potential. If players want a similar excellent style of features they can play Bugs and Bees as it offers three fantastic bonuses and a large slot format to try and master. The storyline that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm are thrust into is full of excitement as it transports them to a fantasy world and places them into the shoes of a travelling lady. The fantasy world is fantastic as players will imagine they are walking through a world with yellow fields and purple skies. The currency of the world that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm are transported too is luck and different lucky objects. The player when they play Lucky Lady’s Charm must try and find the different lucky objects like horseshoes and four leaf clovers. The ultimate aim of the game is to try and find as many of these lucky objects as possible, the best object is the ladies charm that gives the traveling lady enough power to rule the land. The fantasy theme that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm will experience is very exciting and perfect for fans of fantasy tales.

The visual and sound effects that are implemented to bring the fantasy story to life are excellent. The effects presented are of a very high standard and players should try and play Sharky if they enjoy the style of these effects. The visual effects that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm will enjoy include the pink and purple misty background that creates a very mystical feel to the slot. The symbols that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm will enjoy are fantastic as they include different lucky objects to enhance the games theme. The fantasy objects when involved in forming a winning line combination perform a 3D movement that looks excellent on the reels. The title text that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm are shown is a green font which is the colour associated with luck and this enhances the games theme. The overall combinations of the visual elements that people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm are exposed to work brilliantly at delivering the games fantasy theme. People can also play Novomatic Book of Ra as it has a similar fantastic style of visual effects that include bright colourful cartoon animation delivering the games adventure theme.