Play Ramses II

One of the most exciting slot games available online is a history themed game that takes players back two thousand years in time. Players who love the ancient Egyptian era should play Ramses II as it offers a very authentic playing experience. The history themed game is full of adventure as players who decide to play Ramses II will enjoy a highly exciting journey through ancient Egypt in search of the Pharaohs treasure. If players enjoy the ancient Egyptian theme then they should also try and play Book of Ra. The game offers players the opportunity to step into the shoes of a modern day explorer who looks into ancient Egyptian mythology. The people who play Ramses II will also be treated to a fantastic set of visual and sound effects that create a first class authentic Egyptian playing atmosphere. The most attractive feature that people who play Ramses II will find is the first class game play which offers fantastic winning potential. The game play is fantastic as the slot has a wonderful large slot format with twenty win lines for players to choose from. The large amount of win lines on offer means that the slot is perfect for players wanting a lot of flexibility over their win line selection.

The first decision a player must make when they play Ramses II is how many of the twenty win lines to have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that they select means the more chance a player has of forming a winning line combination and the higher the cost of the spin. The lower the amount of the win line selection means the cheaper the cost of the spin and the less chance of winning. The player has three different bonuses available when they play Ramses II all offering very different functionality and winning potential. The first of the bonuses that the player can activate when they play Ramses II is the scatter bonus. The scatter bonus is represented by the scarab symbols which the player needs to spin three off into the screen at one time to activate the feature. The scatter bonus when activated by players when they play Ramses II rewards the player with fifteen win spins which are played on a multiplier of three. The very large amount of win spins and the multiplier that is available to players when they activate the feature is fantastic.

If players want to enjoy another game that has the same amount of fantastic win spins and high multiplier rewarding the scatter feature then they should play Quest for Gold. The second bonus available to people who play Ramses II is the substitute bonus which is represented by the emperor symbol. The emperor whenever involved in forming a winning line combination automatically doubles the prize payment made to the player. The third bonus available to people who play Ramses II is the gamble feature. The gamble feature is an optional bonus which players can accept or decline at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The gamble feature is a chance fifty / fifty bet meaning that players can either double or lose their entire prize fund on the strength of their selection. The combination of the three different bonuses available to people who play Ramses II are excellent and can be very lucrative. The other method for players to win money when they play Ramses II is to line up three, four or five symbols next to each other to create a winning line combination. The more symbols that the player manages to align mean the higher the prize payment that is awarded to the player.

The different symbols that are available to people who play Ramses II if aligned across a winning line all result in varying prize payments being awarded. The different prize payment amounts can be viewed in the slots pay table which opens to clearly display all of the relevant information to players. The pay table that is available to people who play Ramses II is excellent as it shows the best symbols to focus on aligning. The ancient Egyptian theme that is presented to people who play Ramses II is fantastic as it takes players back in time to a very mystical and magical era. The era is hugely famous and is covered frequently in modern day popular culture meaning that the game appeals to a large amount of people. The visual and sound effects that people who play Ramses II are exposed to are excellent as they manage to create a very authentic Egyptian feel to the slot. The effects that are presented to people who play Book of Ra slot are also excellent and manage to immerse players in the same Egyptian environment. The visual effects are implemented on the slots background, title text and symbols.

The background that people who play Ramses II will see is a plain yellow screen which represents Egypt’s national colour therefore enhancing the games theme. The games plain background allows the other elements of the slot to stand out which is an excellent effect. The next important element of the slots appearance that people who play Ramses II will see is the symbols. The symbols are themed objects including pharaohs, scarabs, golden eagles, camel, gem and mask. These symbols are all presented in bright colours with a crystal clear level of finishing that looks excellent on the screen. The title text that people who play Ramses II will see is displayed in a fiery red colour that stands out from the yellow background perfectly. The sound effects that are played to people who play Ramses II are very important in creating the slots atmosphere. The sound effects are a very clever combination of Egyptian tones that create a very pleasing authentic Egyptian playing environment. The sound effects that people who play Novomatic Book of Ra will enjoy are very similar as they create the same exotic themed playing atmosphere.