Play Sizzling Hot

If people want a fast paced traditional slot game then they should try and play Sizzling Hot as it has a fantastic style of game play and creates an amazing playing atmosphere. The playing atmosphere is a very fast paced and high tempo one which is manufactured through a combination of excellent clever sound and visual effects. The game play that people who play Sizzling Hot will encounter is excellent due to its small slot format and combination of simple bonus rounds. The small slot format and the simple bonus rounds manage to create a very fast paced slot game which certain players will thrive on. The players who will enjoy and benefit the most when they play Sizzling Hot are those who like to focus on creating winning line combinations rather than activating complicated bonuses. The slot format that people who play Sizzling Hot will find is a five reel and five win line set up which offers a minimal amount of choice over the win line selection. The first decision a player must make when they play this slot game and when they play Book of Ra is how many of the win lines to have active when they spin the reels.

The maximum amount of win lines the player can have active when they play Sizzling Hot is five and this gives the player the maximum amount of winning chances. The higher the win line selection not only increases the winning chances but also raises the cost of the spin. People who play Sizzling Hot on a tight budget should play with the lowest amount of win lines possible as this increases their winning chances. The main aim for users that play Sizzling Hot is to align matching symbols across the live win lines. The more symbols that the player manages to align increases the winning amount paid; the player needs to align three, four or five symbols to achieve a winning payment. The different symbols that is available to players when spinning the reels when they play Sizzling Hot all result in differing prize payments. The prize payments for all of the different symbols in the game all result in differing payment amounts and these can be seen in the slots pay table. People who play Sizzling Hot should spend some time reviewing the pay table so they know which of the symbols to try and line up across the reels.

One of other slot games available to players in the Novomatic range that has a similar low amount of win lines for players to use is the play Xtra Hot slot. The slot has only five win lines available which is perfect for players who are wanting a fast flowing and easy to understand game. The bonuses that people who play Sizzling Hot can activate include the substitute, scatter and gamble. The substitute and the scatter bonus in the play Sizzling Hot slot are both represented by the star symbol. If the player manages to spin in three or more of the star symbols onto the screen at one time they release the scatter bonus prize payment. The substitute bonus that players can activate when they play Sizzling Hot is triggered whenever the star symbol appears. The star has the power to switch places with any other symbol to form a winning line combination and increase players winning chances. The gamble feature that players who play Sizzling Hot can activate is available at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The player can decline or accept the gamble feature which gives them the chance to double or lose their entire prize fund.

The gamble feature if accepted when players play Sizzling Hot loads into a new screen where they are shown a deck of cards. The player then needs to predict if the next card drawn will be red or black which is essentially a chance fifty / fifty bet. The fact that the bet is a chance fifty / fifty one means that player’s who play Sizzling Hot and want to accept the feature need to be very brave. The three bonuses when combined create a very pleasant fast paced game which has excellent winning potential and this is something that players will really appreciate. The theme that is presented to people who play Sizzling Hot is a traditional one with no elaborate storyline meaning that players can focus on playing the game and winning money. If players want to enjoy a game with an exciting and involving storyline then they should play Book of Ra online as it has a fantastic adventure theme. The traditional theme concentrates on providing players who play Sizzling Hot with a burning hot playing atmosphere which is very intense. The burning hot and high octane playing atmosphere is delivered to players through a combination of clever visual and sound effects.

The visual effects that people who play Sizzling Hot will find are excellent and include the background, symbols and the title text. The background of the slot is a combination of blue and red colours which look excellent in the game as they are both colours associated in heat. The symbols that people who play Sizzling Hot will find include the cherries, lemons, watermelons, stars, sevens and oranges. The symbols are all animated with a great level of finishing and bright colours. The symbols when involved in forming a winning line combination burst into flames which is an excellent effect that enhances the games theme. The title text that people who play Sizzling Hot are exposed to is a bright red font that is designed to represent flames. The sound effects that people will hear when they play Sizzling Hot are short and sharp electronic tones that are designed to raise the tempo of the slot. The higher and faster the tempo means that player’s pulses and excitement levels will rise when they are spinning the reels. One of the other slots that players will appreciate an excellent set of effects when they spins the reels is the play Power Stars slot which immerses players in an adventure in outer space.